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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: Bit of confusion..
Date Mon, 24 Jun 2002 06:04:59 GMT
Joshua Moore-Oliva wrote:
> Not too sure what's going on here...  I'm about to upgrade to apache 2.0.39 
> (I'm on a devel machine, teh u/g wasn't too urgent from 2.0.36)
> For the next semi official release of apreq, is this patch that was posted to 
> the mailing list the thing to use now, or are we waiting for some inclusion 
> into a soon to come version of apache?  Just wondering whether I should apply 
> that new patch or wait..  currently I'm in no hurry to upgrade, I'm using a 
> patched version that was posted by stas about a month ago and has the same 
> interfaces that are int he posted /h files.

As Joe has stated in the post prior to sending the URLs of the patches, 
the purpose was to get the feedback and it's possible that the API will 
still change a bit. Notice that Joe changed things quite a lot since my 
first port, but mostly internally.

I suppose that when the feedback period will be over (haven't seen any 
feedback so far) the next stage will be to propose at dev@httpd to 
include apreq2 in the core, and depending on the outcome of the proposal 
apreq2 will be either a part of httpd or released as a new package. I 
also suppose that in any case the API will stay in the alpha/beta stage 
until before httpd-2.0 is released.

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