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From Ensign Yu <>
Subject Re: Streamline support for Mac OS X?
Date Sat, 11 May 2002 02:25:59 GMT
--- Joe Schaefer <> wrote:
> On linux, the linking seems to happen automagically
> (IOW no need to mess with Makefile.PL; if there's 
> a shared libapreq installed, gcc will use it
> instead of the static one built by perl). 
> Specifically,
> what did you need to change?  A diff of your whole
> httpd-apreq tree also might help.
> Thanks.
> -- 
> Joe Schaefer

With apache/mod_perl, I just compiled statically with
expat disabled, using system regex, and no executable

For libapreq, I replaced libtool/ltconfig/
with version 1.3.5 and patched it with the patch
provided in Fink's docs.

At this point, there was the somewhat trivial problem
that configure didn't recognize darwin (although it
did recognize macosten). Since I really know nothing
about configure, I just added 'macosten' to ltconfig
(it'd probably be better to just add a darwin entry to
configure). I configured, specifying my host as
powerpc-apple-macosten, and also specified the apache
includes directory because my global include configs
are slightly messed up. Then make, make install.

Makefile.PL, I changed "static" to "dynamic" and added
the proper include paths. Make, make install.

Then I ran Apache with a simple config to make sure it
was loading Apache::Cookie and Apache::Request without
conflicts. Then I dumped the Slash stuff in there, and
ran it. I logged into my Slash account, posted an
article, messed with some config stuff. I'm not sure
if there's any problems with it, but it seems fine.

 - EY

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