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From Ensign Yu <>
Subject Streamline support for Mac OS X?
Date Sat, 11 May 2002 00:21:01 GMT

I've sucessfully run Slash on Mac OS X. The major
factor blocking Slash from being used on Mac OS X is
libapreq, which didn't work for me without
modifications due to multiple defined symbols.

I used stock apache 1.3.22 and the latest release of
mod_perl, and some version of libapreq-1.0 (not the
one that requires modification to apache). I used the
shared library trick to prevent the symbol collision.
However, I've had to manually edit the configure
script and I'm wondering if there will be a more
streamlined approach that will make it easier to
install Slash on OS X.

Main problem was that configure doesn't recognize
powerpc-apple-darwin5.4. Configure _does_ recognize
powerpc-apple-macosten, but ltconfig doesn't. In
reverse, ltconfig recognizes darwin but not macosten.
This is probably just an autoconf problem, but if the
configure script were newer, it might make things

Also, how do I pass options to Makefile.PL? I ended up
just editing Makefile.PL to link as dynamic.


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