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From "Ward W. Vuillemot" <>
Subject Apache, Apache::Cookie failure
Date Wed, 24 Apr 2002 04:50:44 GMT
To Whom It May Concern;

I followed the instructions at

I used the default Apache server loaded with Mac OS X 10.1.3.  I have
upgraded to 10.1.4.  I simply uncommented mod_perl to activate mod_perl.

I had previously installed Apache::Cookie, Apache::Request, et cetera via

I then downloaded the soon to be released libareq file.  Issued the
appropriate commands per the referenced URL above.  I then forced install
Apache::Cookie and Request.

As long as none of my code does not use Apache::Cookie, I can get the server
up and running.  Of course, all my mod_perl is dependent upon
Apache::Cookie. . . badda-boom.

I also had issues with Apache::Session -- I ultimately did a force to get it
to load, though.  I do not know if this is a related issue -- I doubt it,
but if we can kill two birds with one stone. . .;)

Is there anything I can assist you with?  I'd be more than happy to debug,
provide system information, et cetera.  I am a bit new to the UN*X
administration, so if you need key information please include enough
hints/commands for me to provide it.

Thanks and many, many cheers,
Ward Vuillemot

Ward W. Vuillemot <>

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