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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject porting to 2.0: moving to static functions for non public API
Date Fri, 19 Apr 2002 18:41:02 GMT
I've a question regard porting of apreq to 2.0

Since we want to make apreq a part of the httpd, having our code not 
polluting the C namespace is a requirement.

For public APIs, I've moved everything to apreq_ namespace (similar to 
apr_ and ap_).

Now there is a bunch of internal functions which are going to be hidden 
from the rest of httpd, by using 'static' in function declaration (and 
removing them from .h)

So far there is a problem with

   int fill_buffer(apreq_multipart_buffer_t *self);

which is used in srclib/apreq/apreq_request.c and 
srclib/apreq/apreq_multipart_buffer.c (I don't look at the cookie.c at 
this moment)

How can we make this function unexposed to the rest of the world but be 
used in two .c files? Other than renaming it as apreq_fill_buffer()?

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