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From Joe Schaefer <>
Subject Re: apreq stable release
Date Tue, 04 Dec 2001 21:31:36 GMT
"Issac Goldstand" <> writes:

> I was wondering when the next libapreq will be released.  I submitted a
> minor, but critical patch a month or so ago fixing the UPLOAD_HOOK handler,
> and wish to release a module to CPAN soon which utilizes it, but one of the
> things holding me up is a stable release of libapreq which properly supports
> the UPLOAD_HOOK in perl.

Good question- btw the latest CVS should have the UPLOAD_HOOK working.
I've overcome the temptation to add any more functionality to libapreq;
perhaps it's time to improve the documentation, add some decent tests, 
and fix whatever remaining bugs need fixing ( ISTR someone (B Moseley?) 
had trouble getting the upload stuff to compile with pthreads; also there
was a post about compilation problems on Apple OS X machines.  Did
anybody come up with workarounds for these? )

Joe Schaefer

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