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From Ole da Silva Smith <>
Subject Forms multipart-difficulties
Date Wed, 19 Sep 2001 08:16:06 GMT
Hi at

I am trying to install the apreq distribution as I am having problems
with FORM's multipart/form-data and file uploads in Apache 3.14. The
file uploads takes place using PHP3, maybe they could be upgraded to
PHP4 if it solved the problem.

Does an upgrade of Apache solve the problem? It seems to have arosen
from Apache 3.12 to 3.14 (deduced that from someones questions on

I've compiled the distribution (apreq) and managed to create a as depicted in eg/c/tesliapreq. I have also copied
header file (mod_coookie.h and mod_request.h) to where apache seems to
have header files.

Finally, I have added LoadModule and AddModule statements in the
configfile. However, apparantly, there's no change...

I'm still trying to get it to work - but any info you could provide
would be greatly appreciated. Actually, I am trying to fire up a
webserver for the Eurocrypt 2002 conference, so maybe I could benefit
some from any sympathy you undoubtedly have for the Crypto-society...

Regards - and please always enjoy!

Ole da Silva Smith
Systems Administrator
Dept. of Math., DTU

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