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From Joe Schaefer <>
Subject Re: Patch: overwrite parameters
Date Fri, 24 Aug 2001 16:37:37 GMT
achim settelmeier <> writes:

>   If the browser sends parameters to your script using POST-style as well as
> URL-style (you know, that ?parm=val&parm2=val2 thing that method="get" uses,
> too) parameter passing, the URL-style parameters take precedence over the
> POST ones. 
>   libapreq's behaviour is exactly the opposite of what is doing and 
> thus causes some problems many old scripts that run as CGI and mod_perl.

IMO the libapreq behavior is superior to, because ISTR 
just ignores the URL-style parameters in a POST.  Maybe this should 
be spelled out more clearly in the apreq documentation?

>   As far as I can see, the internal handling of parameter looks like this: 
> Put every key/value pair found into a list, don't care about dupes. 
> When a lookup is done, the value of the first matching key is returned.
> URL-style parameters are parsed first (see apache_request.c, line 278+,
> subrout ApacheRequest___parse(req)).

That's pretty much right.  If you want all the values of a parameter,
just call param in a list context:

  my @values = $apr->param('foo');

In particular, to get the "last" value in the list, you could try:

  my $last_value = ( $apr->param('foo') )[-1];

>   The patch is rather simple and is attached to this mail. In subrout
> split_to_params, the patch replaces ap_table_add with ap_table_set in 
> case the key is already present.

Although I haven't tested your patch, i think that it would disallow
multivalued parameters altogether.  That would be a bad thing, since permits them.

Joe Schaefer

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