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From Marc Englund <>
Subject Bugs & patch, libapreq-0.31
Date Tue, 27 Feb 2001 09:35:34 GMT

I think I have stumbeled upon quite serious bugs in libapreq-
0.31 - these might have been addressed already, but since I
didn't find a archive of this list (I'm new), I decided to 
mail anyway.

The thing I noticed first was that when using a multipart form,
information could pass over between sessions - the buffers
where not cleared! I noticed this beacause I use a single apache
process while developing, but we were able to recreate the bug
in our 'production' environment. If one submits a quite long
text and then a shorter one, the second submit will include the
end of the first one.

While trying to fix this quickly I found other problems: 

- libapreq segfaulted if the submitted text was exactly a
  'multipart-buffer' long (5120)

- a submitted text could never be more than two multipart-buffers 
  long (2*5120)

I have included a patch to libapreq-0.31, but it's just a quick 
fix (although it seems to work).


[ marc englund | | +358 40 8408483 | 97895957 ]

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