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From "James Sheridan-Peters" <>
Subject Apache::Request param() problem?
Date Wed, 03 Jan 2001 18:04:06 GMT
I posted this to the modperl list and it was suggested I report this as a
potential bug here.

I am pulling parameters from a POST method using Apache::Request, largely to
make it easier to deal with multiple value variables.  The problem occurs if
I have two variables, differentiated only by case (eg. wanthelp=<something>
and wantHelp=<somethingelse>).

Given the about pseudo-values, when using $apr->param('wanthelp') OR
$apr->param('wantHelp') I get the same response, namely an array of two
values <something> and <somethingelse> for each.

Unfortunately, I have no control over what the variable names will be nor
how many parameters they will have, so I must handle all possible cases and
my understanding is that Apache::Table use is causing the problems here.

Can someone confirm/deny this is a bug?  Thanks!

James Sheridan-Peters

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