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From (David N. Welton)
Subject Re: source in cvs
Date Mon, 18 Dec 2000 17:28:53 GMT
Jim Winstead <> writes:

> this includes the fixed multipart handling code up until before joe
> and i started batting back and forth fixes to the O(n^2) allocation
> in multipart_buffer_read_body. it also includes some fixes and
> changes that were sitting in doug's cvs tree for this. (like
> renaming multipart_buffer.* to apache_multipart_buffer.*.)

What sort of changes had you discussed?  In mod_dtcl's multipart read
routines, I just dumped the Apache routines and used regular
malloc/free, because I could use realloc.

> there's also an autoconf setup in there to build the c library
> portion of things.

It doesn't quite work.  There is a 'missing' file missing.  Or maybe
just missing knowledge on my part?  I don't know the auto* nastynesses
very well.
How do people feel about removing some of the perlisms, such as
libapreq.pod, and the Changes file.

Speaking of which, in the ToDo file, I see:

o Perl's FILE* typemap leaks!
  - randy's win32 patch changes FILE * to PerlIO *. related?

I hope that that's not actually part of the regular C files...

Hrmm also, tmpfile really doesn't cut it, as it doesn't provide the
filename that it uses.  I use mkstemp for mod_dtcl, but the man page
doesn't seem to be very positive:

       Don't use this function, use tmpfile(3) instead. It's bet­
       ter defined and more portable.

The one on FreeBSD is a bit nicer.

David N. Welton
Free Software: 
   Apache Tcl: 

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