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From Jim Winstead <>
Subject source in cvs
Date Sun, 17 Dec 2000 00:48:11 GMT
as you know if you're on the apreq-cvs mailing list, i've put the
libapreq code in the httpd-apreq module in cvs. to check it out:

  cvs co httpd-apreq

this includes the fixed multipart handling code up until before joe
and i started batting back and forth fixes to the O(n^2) allocation
in multipart_buffer_read_body. it also includes some fixes and
changes that were sitting in doug's cvs tree for this. (like renaming
multipart_buffer.* to apache_multipart_buffer.*.)

there's also an autoconf setup in there to build the c library
portion of things.

it would be good to get a libapreq-0.32 out there soon. should we
do it before or after addressing multipart_buffer_read_body?


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