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Subject cvs commit: httpd-apreq-2 RELEASE
Date Fri, 31 Oct 2003 19:33:14 GMT
joes        2003/10/31 11:33:14

  Added:       .        RELEASE
  add RELEASE instructions
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.1                  httpd-apreq-2/RELEASE
  Index: RELEASE
  Instructions for the httpd-apreq-2 Release Manager (RM)
  1. Prep the package for CPAN by running:
          % make release
     This will generate a libapreq2-2.XX.tar.gz candidate in the 
     current directory.   You should keep this source tree
     intact to tag the final release.
  2. Test the generated file with
          % make release_test
     Make sure all perl tests pass.
  3. Upload a release candidate to
     and post a candidate announcement to apreq-dev@.  The RM
     or any other apreq committer may call for a formal vote on the 
     candidate, but a formal vote is not a requirement for the release. 
     Also, it is strongly recommended that the RM crosspost the 
     candidate announcement to the modperl@ list, to solicit feedback
     from a much larger audience.
  4. Give the mailing list participants 48-72 hours to comment and
     vote on the candidate.  If there is a "majority consensus" 
     (three +1 and more +1s than -1s) among the committers, the RM 
     may proceed with the release.
  5.  Tag the tree, s/./_/g in the version number
      % cvs tag v2_XX
  6. Sign the release via gpg:
       % gpg --detach-sign --armor libapreq2-2.XX.tar.gz
     or pgp:
       % pgp -sba libapreq2-2.XX.tar.gz
  7. Upload (scp) the package and signature to
     for distribution:
      % scp libapreq2-2.XX.tar.gz* \
     Ask another developer to confirm the uploaded signature is ok.
      % gpg --verify libapreq2-2.XX.tar.gz.asc
      % pgp libapreq2-2.XX.tar.gz.asc
     Check that your public key is among those listed in the
     /www/ file.
  8. Upload the package to CPAN. Doublecheck that the md5 checksum
     received from PAUSE is correct.
  9. Update the libapreq homepage to list the new release in
     the News section. For instructions on updating the httpd website, 
     see build/WEBSITE.
  10. Post a final announcement to the modperl@ and apreq-dev@ lists:
          Subject: [ANNOUNCE] libapreq2-2.XX release
      Include the md5 signature in the announcement, as well as
      a list of the latest version info and changes since the 
      previous release.

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