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Subject cvs commit: httpd-apreq RELEASE
Date Fri, 13 Jun 2003 04:59:43 GMT
joes        2003/06/12 21:59:43

  Added:       .        RELEASE
  Add RELEASE document based on Stas' modperl RELEASE file.
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.1                  httpd-apreq/RELEASE
  Index: RELEASE
  Instructions for httpd-apreq Release Manager (RM)
  1. Prep the package for CPAN by running:
          % sh
          % perl Makefile.PL
          % make dist
     This will generate a libapreq-1.X.tar.gz candidate in the 
     current directory.   You should keep this source tree
     intact to generate the final release.
  2. Test the generated file's './configure ...' build and
     'perl Makefile.PL ...' build. Make sure all perl tests pass.
  3. Upload a release candidate to
     and post a candidate announcement to apreq-dev@.
  4. Give the apreq-dev@ participants 48 hours to comment on
     the candidate.  If there's no problems, proceed to the next
     step.  Otherwise, try to address the issues, commit fixes to,
     cvs, and start over.  You can repeat this process on the 
     modperl@ list, but that choice is up to the RM.
  5. The candidate is ok. Now return to the original source tree
     and edit ./Changes:
     =item 1.X - <Today's Date>
     libapreq-1.X released.
  6.  Tag the tree, s/./_/g in the version number, and roll the release.
      % cvs tag v1_X
      % make dist
  7. Test the release package, repeating step 2.  If all tests pass,
     sign and (optionally) md5sum it:
      % gpg --detach-sign --armor libapreq-1.X.tar.gz
      % md5sum libapreq-1.X.tar.gz > libapreq-1.X.tar.gz.md5
  8. Upload (scp) the package, signature, and md5 checksum to
     for distribution:
      % scp libapreq-1.X.tar.gz* \
     Get another developer to confirm the uploaded package signatures
     and md5 checksums are ok.
      % gpg --verify libapreq-1.X.tar.gz.asc
      % md5sum --check libapreq.1.X.tar.gz.md5
  9. Upload the package to CPAN. Doublecheck that the md5 checksum
     received from PAUSE is correct.
  10. Post announcement to modperl@ and apreq-dev@ list:
          Subject: [ANNOUNCE] libapreq 1.X release
      Include the md5 signature in the announcement, as well as
      a list of the latest Changes (since the previous release).

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