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From Colin McCabe <>
Subject HTrace activity in HBase and Hadoop
Date Sun, 01 Oct 2017 01:04:52 GMT
Hi all,

I wanted to post a bit about some HTrace activity that's been going on
lately.  Some of this stuff is not as visible, because it's going on in
other git repos, rather than in HTrace itself.  But it's actually just
as important, or even more important, than changes to the HTrace git
repo itself.

In HBASE-18601, Tamas Penzes is working on updating the version of
HTrace that HBase uses to HTrace 4.x.  This is very important for
getting HBase and HDFS on the same version (version 4) and for letting
us tell end-to-end tracing stories.  The JIRA has been around for a
while, but the patch has been worked on a lot recently, and hopefully
we'll be able to get it in soon.

In Hadoop, we've been talking a bit about how to better integrate
tracing into the s3 connectors.  This work hasn't really started, but I
think it will happen and be very worthwhile.


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