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From Adrian Cole <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Attic podling Apache HTrace?
Date Sat, 19 Aug 2017 01:55:59 GMT
> Thanks Adrian for the editorial on the landscape. Helps, especially coming
> from yourself.
we aim to please

> Given current state of the project, a retrofit to come up on OT is not the
> solution to the topic-at-hand (and besides I have a colored opinion on
> taking on the API of another after spending a bunch of time recently
> undoing our mistake letting third-party Interfaces and Classes show through
> in hbase).
sensible for any api highly disconnected from the ecosystem,
especially without practice yet.

> I appreciate the higher-level point made by Andrew, that it is hard to
> thread a cross-cutting library across the Hadoop landscape whether because
> releases happen on the geologic time scale or that there is little by way
> of coordination.
I think this is indeed leading a path towards focus, eg the H in Htrace :)

> Can we do a focused 'win' like Colin suggests? E.g. hook up hbase and hdfs
> end-to-end with connection to a viewer (zipkin? Or text dumps in a
> webpage?). A while back I had a go at the hbase side but it was burning up
> the hours just getting it hooked up w/ tests to scream if any spans were
> broken in a refactor. I had to put it aside.
Incidentally, I wouldn't necessarily say Zipkin is ready out of box
because htrace UI and query is more advanced (in some ways due to some
data storage options we have available). So, something like this could
be a move of focus which would require investment on the other side to
avail features needed, or discuss how to upgrade into them (ex if
using hbase storage, certain queries would work). It is fair to say
zipkin has  a great devops pipeline, we are good at fixing things. At
the same time, we are imperfect in impl and inexperienced in hadoop
ecosystem. Having some way to join together could be really
beneficial, at the cost of up-front effort (due to model, UI and
storage differences). I would be happy to direct time, though would
need some help because of my irrelevance in the data services space
(something this might correct!)

> Like the rest of you, my time is a little occupied elsewhere these times so
> I can't revive the project, not at the moment at least.

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