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From Colin McCabe <>
Subject Re: Re-evaluation of GSoC Final Evaluation Result ( Apache Htrace Kudu Backend )
Date Tue, 30 Aug 2016 16:45:22 GMT
Hi Nisala,

I'm truly sorry that our summer of code project didn't get completed. 
You showed a lot of potential in the beginning, but unfortunately the
time commitment was just not there.  When students become unresponsive
for weeks at a time, it's very difficult for mentors.

I think that if you focus, you can improve and do better in the future. 
If you had told me that you were taking classes this summer, I might not
have suggested doing the project.  I also said that I will continue to
review any patches from you, and I stand by that.

I don't think this really has any relevance to dev@htrace or dev@kudu. 
This is really about evaluating the summer project, and that's my
responsibility.  I suggest taking the discussion off those lists.  Also,
I really suggest not reposting personal emails people send to you to
public mailing lists in the future, unless you ask the sender


On Tue, Aug 30, 2016, at 00:47, Nisala Mendis wrote:
> Hi Google Support,
> I just got received my mentors evaluation and I would like request Google
> to kindly reevaluate my final outcome. I would like to point out my
> mentors
> each evaluation each point into you kind consideration.
> I am sorry that the project seems to have failed. I mentioned on the
> midterm evaluation that I was concerned about the lack of progress on the
> project, and unfortunately the pace only got slower after that. I think
> that the biggest problem that we had was that you simply did not dedicate
> enough time to the project to succeed. When we were in the project
> selection phase, you said that you could dedicate 35 hours a week to the
> project. However, this turned out to be a wild overestimate. I doubt that
> you spent more than 5 hours a week during any week, and for many weeks,
> First of all my mentor I would like to mention my mentor has never spent
> with me at lease one or two hour each week. Even  though we have agreed
> to
> share the status by each twice week, he has always ask for status without
> even let me what to do with my project without any guidance. Sometime I
> got
> even stuck he has never even shed  light, right from the beginning I
> learned their project deployment, and I worked out their development
> environment from my own. Apache htrace is still incubator process doesnt
> even have proper documentation. Expectation from my mentor is
> unacceptable
> under this conditions. He always say "You need to ask questions" If you
> can
> read until last of my mentor evaluation , he even himself agreed that
> even
> at last moment I have worked towards completion of project. There s not
> much left in this project. Theres no way one can do that without working
> at
> 5 hour per week. And
> you seem to have spent 0 hours-- not even bothering to respond to emails
> or
> send a status update. It's very frustrating when a student becomes
> uncommunicative for almost a full month at a time.
> This is a complete false statement I have never been in active for full
> one
> month. I have only been inactive maximum close  for two weeks. This is
> personal mail Colin my mentor and we agreed to move on. After two weeks
> inactivity this is the email I got from my mentor,
> Hi Nisala,
> You've been unresponsive for half a month.  I'm concerned about the
> project.  Frankly I feel like we might not have time to finish now,
> since you took such a long unannounced break in the middle.  The final
> evaluation is on August 15th.  Let's think about this more and how we
> could prevent it from happening again in the future.
> best,
> Colin
> This is his personal mail from him for my maximum inactivity for two
> weeks
> and we agreed to move on by JULY 19.
> My single biggest suggestion for improvement is to respond promptly when
> other people try to communicate, and to stick to pre-agreed schedules of
> project updates and meetings.
> First of all we agreed only share status on emails we never had meetings,
> we have never scheduled meetings.
> This is the email from my mentor that we agreed to share status by only
> mail. This is on Fri, May 6 during community bonding period.
> Hmm.  Video calls seem to be difficult, owing to the time difference and
> some of the technical issues.
> Instead, how about we exchange status emails two times a week.  Monday
> and
> Thursday seem like good days to email.
> I'll start.
> A big part of Google Summer of Code is learning to interact with the
> community and learn some things about the project.
> I have only communicated my status updates via JIRA ticket [1]
> where all community sees
> my project. You will notice I have completed his reviews which has put
> during the final GSOC mentor evaluation period. Because we both agreed to
> successfully completion in earlier.
> When you try to complete a large portion of the code just a few days
> before
> the end of GSoC, the community has no time to review it, let alone
> discuss
> it. Code review takes time. It's also very important to respond to all
> the
> comments people make in a code review. I remember having to make the same
> comments several times before you would address them.
> What I wanted to highlight is [1]
> He still adds reviews
> for
> code that I wrote in mid term.
>  If you look at [1]
> He has never mentioned anything about kudu schema but now adding reviews
> regarding that end of the project at [2]
> This is totally unacceptable rather if some one want to fail that project
> do something like that. I agree in one time I couldn't address his all
> his
> requirements at once. He is keeps on adding reviews for code that I
> written
> for midterm regarding kudu schema and handling multiple parents of spans.
> He mid term code review does not include them all. Even he has failed to
> answer which schema should use.
> In this [1]
> This was his response about kudu schema, where he claims I should have
> looked some other code as he claims
> This is one reason why I suggested that you look at LocalFileSpanReceiver
> and HTracedSpanReceiver rather than HBaseSpanReceiver.
> Which is completely false statement, He has never mentioned such to me
> even
> in that thread or personal mail. I wonder whether he could prove that to
> anyone. He wanted emphasize this project failed because of me this which
> is
> completely a false statement.
> I am glad that we have at least a little code to start from when building
> a
> Kudu spanreceiver. What we need to do to get this merged is to actually
> complete all the tasks mentioned in the original proposal document--
> develop a way to run the full web interface against the Kudu
> SpanReceiver,
> write good documentation for setup and deployment, understand what the
> correct schema to use to store data in Kudu is, measure performance, and
> write unit tests.
> This my proposal under [1]
> This the last update which I gave to him under comment [2]
> Where I have completed second part of the project which has not been
> reviewed, and If he could provide the answer whether to use the webapp (
> in
> previous comment ) similar to HBASE this project is done done. Where we
> have similar webapp for like HBASE or integrate to current main Htrace
> webapp. He never given answer because He wanted look this project failed.
> Even the current HBASE htrace recever has have so many limitations, He
> too
> much expect this KUDU receiver to be PERFECT which I believe, is
> completely
> unacceptable.
> In my proposal I have never mentioned anything about performance test for
> different kudu schema. Even in this main thread [1]
> he has never mentioned
> such. These are totally false statements. However I agree on the
> documentation.
> The code I written for both span receiver and span viewer have unit tests
> under pr [1] This
> completely false I have written unit tests for both  span receiver and
> viewer using KUDU mini cluster utility.
> I hope Google and Apache Organization Admins will reconsider my evalution
> for GSoC 2016. In
> [1]
> I have mentioned all the work that I completed. Since my mentor is first
> time mentoring, He think all code should be by mentor evaluation. Which I
> believe it is not the expectation.
> Regards
> Nisala

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