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From Colin McCabe <>
Subject Re: HTrace question
Date Thu, 09 Jun 2016 23:39:46 GMT
Hi Krishnanand,

Thanks for looking at HTrace!  This list is for questions about the
Apache project.  For questions about Hortonworks, please consult the
Hortonworks mailing lists or bulletin boards.

With regard to Apache Hadoop, HTrace support is included in the upcoming
Hadoop 2.8 release.  Unfortunately, the 2.8 release is taking longer
than expected to get out (in fact, it now appears that Hadoop 3.0 might
beat it!)

Cloudera's distribution has support for HTrace because this was
backported from 2.8.  I do not know if Hortonworks has backported these
patches or not-- you would have to look that up.  Similarly, I do not
know if Hortonworks has a binary distribution of HTraced-- if they do, I
haven't heard about it.


On Thu, Jun 9, 2016, at 13:57, Krishnanand Khambadkone wrote:
> Hi,  Is there any user guide on how to install htrace on a Hortonworks
> HDP 2.3 cluster and access the GUI

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