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From "Colin P. McCabe" <>
Subject HTrace 4.1 release candidate 1
Date Wed, 03 Feb 2016 00:50:46 GMT
Hi all,

I've posted the first release candidate for HTrace 4.1 here:

The jars have been staged here:

HTrace 4.1 brings a lot of robustness improvements.  There were major
improvements to htraced and the web UI, as well as new metrics added.
There were numerous build fixups, and we added Docker support, to
ensure a repeatable build.

Check it out.  The vote will run for 5 days.


Release Notes - HTrace - Version 4.1
** Bug
    * [HTRACE-114] - Fix compilation error of htrace-hbase against hbase-1.0.0
    * [HTRACE-238] - Change maven compiler source level to 1.7 to
match targetJdk
    * [HTRACE-243] - Remove duplicate maven-assembly-plugin
configuration section in htrace-htraced/pom.xml
    * [HTRACE-245] - NOTICE.txt: change "developed by The Apache
Software...” to "developed at The Apache Software...”
    * [HTRACE-246] - HTrace WebApp not properly defined and therefore
not packaged into .war
    * [HTRACE-248] - HTraced should gracefully shutdown if stopped
    * [HTRACE-249] - Script and doc on how to publish website
    * [HTRACE-251] - Fix "mvn clean" target
    * [HTRACE-253] - Tracer loadSamplers and loadSpanReceivers logs
are too chatty
    * [HTRACE-256] - Change the artifactId for htrace-core in branch
4.0 to be htrace-core4
    * [HTRACE-257] - htrace-htraced: add web symlink rather than
generating programmatically
    * [HTRACE-262] - Temporarily suppress doclint for Java 8 to
prevent build failure
config key more consistent with other configs
    * [HTRACE-267] - Move owl logo licensing information from NOTICE to LICENSE
    * [HTRACE-268] - Remove Units and go-codec from LICENSE since they
are not contained in the source release
    * [HTRACE-272] - TracerPool must not load multiple inscance of
same receiver class when a simple classname is given
    * [HTRACE-279] - Fix issues where the HTracedSpanReceiver was
using the wrong JSON serialization for spans and add validation to
htraced REST ingest path
    * [HTRACE-280] - htraced: add metrics about total spans added and
dropped per address
    * [HTRACE-281] - htraced: add example/htraced-conf.xml
    * [HTRACE-282] - htraced: reap spans which are older than a
configurable interval
    * [HTRACE-283] - Heartbeater should wait for goroutine to finish on close
    * [HTRACE-284] - htrace-htraced, htrace-flume: do not treat the
shaded version of commons-logging as provided
    * [HTRACE-285] - htraced tool: fix query parsing and add query_test
    * [HTRACE-289] - Fix TraceEnabled, etc. logger methods for
conditional logging
    * [HTRACE-294] - htraced: fix some metrics issues
    * [HTRACE-297] - htraced: avoid serializing spans to json unless
TRACE logging is enabled
    * [HTRACE-300] - Reaper should be initialized before shards are activated
    * [HTRACE-301] - htraced: fix unit tests that aren't waiting for
spans to be written, use semaphore for WrittenSpans
    * [HTRACE-302] - htraced: Add admissions control to HRPC to limit
the number of incoming messages
    * [HTRACE-304] - htraced: fix bug with GREATER_THAN queries
    * [HTRACE-307] - htraced: queries sometimes return no results even
when many results exist due to confusion in iterator usage
    * [HTRACE-311] - htraced: Fix logging to stdout via -Dlog.path=
    * [HTRACE-316] - htrace-web: span.js issue: span ID string length
is 32, not 36
    * [HTRACE-317] - Fix the documentation for adding tracing to an
application to reflect HTrace 4.x API changes
    * [HTRACE-328] - htraced continues scanning in some cases even
when no more results are possible

** Improvement
    * [HTRACE-129] - htraced: add /server/stats REST endpoint
    * [HTRACE-156] - HTrace GUI: add about view
    * [HTRACE-181] - gui: Split "about" screen
    * [HTRACE-237] - Optimize htraced span receiver
    * [HTRACE-239] - Add htrace/impl/
    * [HTRACE-260] - htrace-zipkin should not set the obsolete
duration field in thrift
    * [HTRACE-271] - Add to all submodule tests
    * [HTRACE-276] - Shade classes into org.apache.htrace.shaded
rather than org.apache.htrace
    * [HTRACE-286] - htraced: improvements to logging, daemon startup,
and configuration
    * [HTRACE-290] - htraced: Fix per-faculty log level settings and
add unit tests for conditional logging
    * [HTRACE-291] - rename bin/htrace to bin/htracedTool
    * [HTRACE-292] - "htracedTool version" should display the git
hash, and -Dgit.version option should be available for build
    * [HTRACE-295] - htraced: setting to 0 should
disable span expiry
    * [HTRACE-296] - htraced tests: make sure local settings for
HTRACED_WEB_DIR and HTRACE_CONF_DIR don't affect unit tests
    * [HTRACE-298] - htraced: improve datastore serialization and metrics
    * [HTRACE-303] - Add client-side htraceDropped log file to track
dropped spans
    * [HTRACE-305] - htrace-web: Use greater-than-or-equal rather than
greater-than in more places
    * [HTRACE-306] - htraced: logs should use UTC
    * [HTRACE-308] - Deserialize WriteSpans requests incrementally
rather than all at once to optimize GC
    * [HTRACE-310] - htracedTool: when there is an error response,
print the body of the response
    * [HTRACE-312] - htraced: if GOMAXPROCS is left at 1, set it to
the number of CPUs
    * [HTRACE-313] - htraced span receiver clientDropped file should
include timestamps
    * [HTRACE-314] - htraced: make datastore loading safer
    * [HTRACE-327] - HTRACE-327: improve htraced command-line parsing
and add version command
    * [HTRACE-334] - htrace-web: Make limit of search and children API
    * [HTRACE-335] - htrace-web: Adjust size of span widget
    * [HTRACE-339] - Major type in htrace-flume README

** New Feature
    * [HTRACE-235] - htrace-zipkin - add Kafka transport support
    * [HTRACE-277] - htraced: Add /server/conf endpoint to get server
    * [HTRACE-278] - htraced: dump thread stacks and GC statistics
when SIGQUIT is sent
    * [HTRACE-288] - htraced: Add a user interface to view server
version, metrics, and configuration
    * [HTRACE-293] - htrace-web: control-click should fully expand trace trees
    * [HTRACE-299] - htraced: add /server/debugInfo REST endpoint to
get stack traces and GC stats
    * [HTRACE-309] - htraced: improve leveldb configuration
    * [HTRACE-323] - htrace-web: change the cursor to a spinner while
a search is in progress
    * [HTRACE-332] - htraced: optionally enable leveldb LRU cache

** Task
    * [HTRACE-241] - Docker image for HTrace
    * [HTRACE-315] - htraced: change default web port from 9095 to 9096
    * [HTRACE-319] - mark versions 4.0 and 4.0.1 as released
    * [HTRACE-331] - create git tags for 4.0 and 4.0.1 releases

** Wish
    * [HTRACE-269] - HTraceConfiguration support to get the map of

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