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From "Colin P. McCabe" <>
Subject git tag and branch naming
Date Mon, 14 Dec 2015 19:53:34 GMT
As part of our release process, we create git tags for each release
candidate (RC)... for example, 3.1.0RC9 and 4.0.1RC1.  We also often
use release branches-- for example, the "4.0" branch.

As Sean Busbey pointed out, we should also be creating "release" tags,
so that people who want to check out the release can do so without
having to figure out which RC was anointed as the release.  I also
think we should adopt a naming convention for release branches and
tags so that people attempting to check out tags don't accidentally
check out branches, and vice versa.

The branch and tag naming is confusing right now.  For example,
someone running "git checkout 4.0" might be surprised to learn that
this checks out a branch currently containing 4.0.1, not the git tag
for the 4.0 release.

I'm thinking we should adopt the following convention:
* release tags should have "release" in the name. So the tag for
htrace 4.1 should be "4.1-release"
* RC tags continue to be "4.1-RC1" and so forth.
* release branches should have "branch" in the name. So the branch for
4.1 should be "branch-4.1".  In general, branches should not include
"RC[0-9]" or "release" in the names, to avoid confusion with the tags.

Let me know what you think.  If you guys agree, I will also create
4.0-release and 4.0.1-release tags corresponding to those releases.


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