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From "Colin P. McCabe" <>
Subject [VOTE] HTrace 4.0.1 release RC1
Date Sun, 20 Sep 2015 04:25:53 GMT
I've posted the second release candidate here (labeled 1 as we start from 0):

The jars have been staged here:

This RC fixes HTRACE-259.  I verified by clearing my .m2 directory and
doing a clean build.  I also verified by starting a Hadoop cluster and
verifying that tracing worked with LocalFileSpanReceiver.

The vote will run for 3 days.

Here is my +1 to start.

Release Notes - HTrace - Version 4.0.1

** Bug
* [HTRACE-259] - Rename htrace-core module as htrace-core4 to match
the artifactId
* [HTRACE-253] - Tracer loadSamplers and loadSpanReceivers logs are too chatty
* [HTRACE-256] - Change the artifactId for htrace-core in branch 4.0
to be htrace-core4
* [HTRACE-238] - Change maven compiler source level to 1.7 to match targetJdk
* [HTRACE-245] - NOTICE.txt: change "developed by The Apache
Software...” to "developed at The Apache Software...”
* [HTRACE-246] - HTrace WebApp not properly defined and therefore not
packaged into .war
* [HTRACE-251] - Fix "mvn clean" target
* [HTRACE-255] - Failed finding GODEPs on mac os x
* [HTRACE-257] - htrace-htraced: add web symlink rather than
generating programmatically

** Task
* [HTRACE-254] - Minor compatible API cleanup: Take name on Tracer
construction, deprecate Span#getChild

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