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From "Colin P. McCabe" <>
Subject [VOTE] HTrace 4.0 Release Candidate 0
Date Fri, 04 Sep 2015 23:02:56 GMT
I've posted the first release candidate here:

The jars have been staged here:

There's a lot of great stuff in this release, including a new web UI,
many bug fixes, API improvements and enlargement of span IDs to 128
bits to avoid conflicts.

The vote will run for 5 days.


Release Notes - HTrace - Version 4.0

** Sub-task
    * [HTRACE-208] - Remove deprecated addKVAnnotation(byte[], byte[]) method
    * [HTRACE-209] - Make span ID 128 bit to avoid collisions
    * [HTRACE-210] - Remove TrueIfTracingSampler
    * [HTRACE-211] - Move htrace-core classes to the
org.apache.htrace.core namespace
    * [HTRACE-212] - Change version to 4.0
    * [HTRACE-214] - De-globalize
    * [HTRACE-215] - Simplify the Sampler type
    * [HTRACE-216] - SpanReceivers should not fill in ProcessId
    * [HTRACE-217] - Rename ProcessId to TracerId
    * [HTRACE-222] - Add SpanReceiverPool
    * [HTRACE-228] - Fix subprojects to refer to new
org.apache.htrace.core namespace
    * [HTRACE-229] - htrace-webapp needs to be updated to refer to
"tracerid" not "processid"
** Bug
    * [HTRACE-159] - use HRPC endpoint of htraced
    * [HTRACE-164] - htrace hrpc: use msgpack for serialization
    * [HTRACE-166] - Add tabbed view
    * [HTRACE-167] - Update go build instructions in BUILDING.txt
    * [HTRACE-171] - htraced godeps should use rather than
    * [HTRACE-174] - Refactor GUI
    * [HTRACE-177] - htrace-zipkin: shade all dependencies
    * [HTRACE-182] - htraced: add rpm build via -Prpm
    * [HTRACE-189] - gui: fix error handling in a few places
    * [HTRACE-190] - htraced: allow querying by process ID
    * [HTRACE-191] - gui: add "duration" to span details, filter out "selected"
    * [HTRACE-192] - gui: when expanding parents or children, sort the
spans by begin time
    * [HTRACE-193] - gui: avoid doing multiple redraws when
spanResults is updated
    * [HTRACE-196] - gui: add scrolling for spans view
    * [HTRACE-201] - htrace-web: URL-Encode query JSON
    * [HTRACE-202] - htrace-web: fix "converting circular object to
JSON" error when pressing "clear" button
    * [HTRACE-218] - Fix issues with finding json-c includes and librt
in the native library
    * [HTRACE-219] - Add -Dleveldb.prefix and -Djsonc.prefix build options
    * [HTRACE-220] - htraced: should be able to set log.path to the
empty string via "-Dlog.path=" on the command line
    * [HTRACE-223] - fix issue where maven succeeds if go
build fails
    * [HTRACE-224] - htrace C client: htrace_conf_get_u64,
htrace_conf_get_double can't handle spaces at the end of strings
    * [HTRACE-230] - Make TracerBuilder like all other Builders; an
internal rather than adjacent class
    * [HTRACE-233] - htrace-zipkin should explicitly include slf4j-api
to avoid ClassNotFoundException
    * [HTRACE-234] - Add workaround to prevent htrace-hbase from
getting in an infinite loop while creating the dependency-reduced pom
** Improvement
    * [HTRACE-29] - add javascript web UI for htraced
    * [HTRACE-160] - htraced: support continuing a query from where
the client left it off by sending a previous span
    * [HTRACE-162] - htraced hrpc: some logging improvements
    * [HTRACE-170] - Optimize use of Random in htrace-core by using
    * [HTRACE-172] - Move minJdk to 1.7 (JDK 7)
    * [HTRACE-175] - Add Trace#addKVAnnotation convenience method
    * [HTRACE-176] - Expose ZipkinSpanReceiver configuration keys externally
    * [HTRACE-180] - Move the GUI to a top-level subproject
    * [HTRACE-184] - Expose PROCESS_ID_KEY configuration key
    * [HTRACE-186] - gui: support finding the parents and children of
spans, add owl
    * [HTRACE-194] - gui: support multiple selections, zooming to fit
a group of spans, deleting a group of spans
    * [HTRACE-197] - htraced build: set RUNPATH if possible
    * [HTRACE-199] - gui: Double clicking on spans should bring up span details
    * [HTRACE-203] - htrace-web: pressing enter should dismiss the
modal dialog box
    * [HTRACE-204] - htrace-web: add draggable bar which allows more
or less visual space for process name in search view
    * [HTRACE-205] - htrace-web: Width of SearchResultsView should be
uppdated along with resizing of browser window
    * [HTRACE-206] - htrace-web: when the canvas has focus, the delete
key should clear, z key should zoom
    * [HTRACE-221] - htraced: search /etc/htraced/conf for the htraced
configuration by default
    * [HTRACE-227] - Remove dependency to non-public API of
hadoop-common from htrace-hbase
** New Feature
    * [HTRACE-143] - htraced search GUI enhancements
** Task
    * [HTRACE-183] - htraced: move src/go directory to go
** Test
    * [HTRACE-213] - Add test for ZipkinSpanReceiver

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