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From Colin McCabe <>
Subject HTrace build products in Maven Central?
Date Wed, 28 Jan 2015 03:23:19 GMT
Hi guys,

I apologize in advance that there are probably some dumb questions
here.  I don't know much about packaging.

What's the plan for pushing HTrace 3.1.0 build products to Maven
Central (once 3.1.0 is accepted)?

It seems like we have 3 options:
1. fatjar that includes all dependencies in shaded form
2. fatjar that includes jetty, jackson, and a few other things in
shaded form, but not zipkin / flume / hbase
3. separate jars for each subproject (htrace-core, htrace-hbase, etc.)

I don't think option #1 is really viable.  Some of our submodules
depend on lots of stuff... like htrace-hbase pulls in all the hbase
jars, htrace-flume pulls in all the flume jars, and so forth.  That
seems too big to upload to Maven Central, and nobody would want to put
such an enormous jar on the classpath.

Option #2 might make sense.  I think this jar would have a reasonable size.

Option #3 is the most modular.  But it puts the burden on users to
manually add the jars for the HTrace collector subproject they want to

Strictly speaking, the only dependency on HTrace that Hadoop *needs*
is a dependency on htrace-core.  This contains the Span,
SpanReceiverBuilder, and other core classes that are needed to
integrate with HTrace.

But in a world where the Hadoop CLASSPATH just has htrace-core.jar on
it, users won't be able to use Span receivers like the hbase one
without manually adding more jars.  That seems cumbersome.

I think maybe solution #2 is the best.  What do you think?

On a related topic, I'm kind of troubled by some of the dependencies I
see in htrace-hbase and htrace-zipkin.  The Guava "provided"
dependency seems like a grenade waiting to go off.  We should just
remove Guava from those subprojects to avoid any chance of version
collisions between our version and the version used by the HBase /
Hadoop / whatever dependencies.  Also, htrace-hbase is pulling in
protobuf as a "provided" dependency (sad face).  It's only a matter of
time until Hadoop bumps its protobuf dependency again (the 2.4.1 ->
2.5 transition caused havoc.)  We should fix that.


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