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From Colin McCabe <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] htrace-3.1.0, third release candidate
Date Wed, 31 Dec 2014 02:43:28 GMT
> -1 We're failing our rat:check:

Good find.  I filed to
fix the rat failure.  I'm not sure why Rat is not failing for me.  I
was able to run "mvn clean package -DskipTests" with no error despite
not having the header in the .md file.  However, Hadoop puts Apache
headers on all their .md files, so I assume that we should do the

> Also, go build is failing on my mac (I know little about go). After `brew install go`,
I `mvn clean package -DskipTests` and get...

Hmm.  Based only on the error message, it looks like you are mixing
files built with go 1.3.3 and go 1.4.
Which version of go do you have installed?  If you have more than one
version installed, I would say remove all them but one (the latest
one?), do "git clean" and try again.


On Tue, Dec 30, 2014 at 6:00 PM, Nick Dimiduk <> wrote:
> Also, go build is failing on my mac (I know little about go). After `brew
> install go`, I `mvn clean package -DskipTests` and get
> [INFO] --- maven-antrun-plugin:1.6:run (go_compile) @ htrace-core ---
> [WARNING] Parameter tasks is deprecated, use target instead
> [INFO] Executing tasks
> main:
>      [exec] 2014/12/30 17:58:06 Bundled
> /private/tmp/htrace-3.1.0/htrace-core/src/web as
> /private/tmp/htrace-3.1.0/htrace-core/src/web/index.html.go
>      [exec] 2014/12/30 17:58:06 Bundled
> /private/tmp/htrace-3.1.0/htrace-core/src/web as
> /private/tmp/htrace-3.1.0/htrace-core/src/web/nested__nested.html.go
>      [exec] org/apache/htrace/bundler
>      [exec] org/apache/htrace/conf
>      [exec] org/apache/htrace/resource
>      [exec] org/apache/htrace/htrace
>      [exec] org/apache/htrace/htraced
>      [exec] # org/apache/htrace/htrace
>      [exec] src/org/apache/htrace/htrace/cmd.go:26: import
> /private/tmp/htrace-3.1.0/htrace-core/src/go/pkg/darwin_amd64/
> object is [darwin amd64 go1.3.3
> X:precisestack] expected [darwin amd64 go1.4 X:pr
> ecisestack]
>      [exec] # org/apache/htrace/htraced
>      [exec] src/org/apache/htrace/htraced/datastore.go:25: import
> /private/tmp/htrace-3.1.0/htrace-core/src/go/pkg/darwin_amd64/
> object is [darwin amd64 go1.3.3
> X:precisestack] expected [darwin amd64 go1.4 X
> :precisestack]
> On Tue, Dec 30, 2014 at 5:55 PM, Nick Dimiduk <> wrote:
>> -1 We're failing our rat:check:
>> src/main/site/markdown/
>> Nit, should this be signed with your Apache credentials? It also seems odd
>> that the asc file is larger than the tgz it verifies.
>> ndimiduk$ gpg --verify htrace-3.1.0-src.tar.gz.asc
>> gpg: Signature made Tue Dec 30 16:43:17 2014 PST using RSA key ID 30CD0996
>> gpg: checking the trustdb
>> gpg: 3 marginal(s) needed, 1 complete(s) needed, PGP trust model
>> gpg: depth: 0  valid:   2  signed:   0  trust: 0-, 0q, 0n, 0m, 0f, 2u
>> gpg: Good signature from "Michael Stack <>"
>> gpg: WARNING: This key is not certified with a trusted signature!
>> gpg:          There is no indication that the signature belongs to the
>> owner.
>> Primary key fingerprint: 686E 5EDF 04A4 8305 5416  0910 DF0F 5BBC 30CD 0996
>> On Tue, Dec 30, 2014 at 4:56 PM, Stack <> wrote:
>>> I've posted our third release candidate here:
>>> Maven artifacts are available here:
>>> RC2 has HTRACE-36 over RC1.
>>> It is a src-only tarball for now. Later we can add binary bundles to our
>>> release after we have better sense of what we as a project would like to
>>> deliver.
>>> This release is mainly a change of packaging from org.htrace to
>>> org.apache.htrace to suit our new home here in Apache Incubator but it
>>> does
>>> also includes 24 resolved issues (see [1] or below) including the
>>> beginnings of an htrace daemon whose intent is to make it so there is a
>>> low
>>> barrier collecting cluster traces as well as a new flume receiver.
>>> Beware that Apache Incubator, org.apache.htrace is not compatible with its
>>> former self, org.htrace: the package name has changed but so has the JSON
>>> serialization format.
>>> Shall we make this release candidate our first incubator release?
>>> Lets keep the vote period short (We'll have to run another vote over in
>>> incubator general after this one if I understand the process properly).
>>> Please vote +1/0/-1 by Friday, January 2nd, 2015.
>>> Thanks,
>>> St.Ack
>>> 1.
>>> Wish HTRACE-6  TraceRunnable should expose the underlying Runnable, Billie
>>> Rinaldi
>>> Task HTRACE-31 more JSON serialization fixes, Colin Patrick McCabe
>>> Task HTRACE-14 Bump version to 3.1.0-SNAPSHOT, stack
>>> Task HTRACE-23 First cut at src release packaging, stack
>>> Task HTRACE-8  Change our base package from org.htrace to
>>> org.apache.htrace, stack
>>> Task HTRACE-13 Fix htrace-hbase circular dependencies, stack
>>> Impr HTRACE-16 Remove guava dependency for htrace-core, Colin Patrick
>>> McCabe
>>> Impr HTRACE-15 Rename SamplerFactory to SamplerBuilder, Colin Patrick
>>> McCabe
>>> Impr HTRACE-28 htraced: add web UI directory, Colin Patrick McCabe
>>> Impr HTRACE-3  Move HTrace classes into the org.apache namespace, stack
>>> Impr HTRACE-1  HTrace should have a factory method for creating trace
>>> sinks, Colin Patrick McCabe
>>> Impr HTRACE-2  HTrace should have a factory method for creating trace
>>> samplers, Colin Patrick McCabe
>>> Impr HTRACE-9  Add standalone htraced server, Colin Patrick McCabe
>>> Impr HTRACE-18 "Add htrace-flume, which implements a SpanReceiver that
>>> sends spans to Flume ", Long Zhou
>>> Bug  HTRACE-36 Fix build problem with bundler.go on fresh checkout, Colin
>>> Patrick McCabe
>>> Bug  HTRACE-27 Make Span serialization to JSON consistent across htraced
>>> and the java client, Colin Patrick McCabe
>>> Bug  HTRACE-12 update to describe SpanReceiver builder and
>>> Sampler builder, Colin Patrick McCabe
>>> Bug  HTRACE-19 First cut at website, stack
>>> Bug  HTRACE-17 pom.xml cleanups, Colin Patrick McCabe
>>> Bug  HTRACE-24 htraced: process id should be a string, Colin Patrick
>>> McCabe
>>> Bug  HTRACE-7  htrace-core should shade its dependencies to avoid leaking
>>> them on to client CLASSPATH, Colin Patrick McCabe
>>> Bug  HTRACE-11 should not use ldconfig if it doesn't exists
>>> (like on MacOS), Colin Patrick McCabe
>>> Bug  HTRACE-26 Fix wording in docs, Colin Patrick McCabe
>>> Bug  HTRACE-21 Fix invalid test condition in, Masatake Iwasaki
>>> Bug  HTRACE-22 fix golang unit tests, Colin Patrick McCabe
>>> Bug  HTRACE-10 Fix Apache rat issues with the HTrace build, Colin Patrick
>>> McCabe

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