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From Colin McCabe <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] htrace-3.1.0, second release candidate
Date Tue, 30 Dec 2014 22:40:07 GMT

Thanks for putting this together, St.Ack


On Tue, Dec 30, 2014 at 2:23 PM, Stack <> wrote:
> I've posted our second release candidate here:
> Maven artifacts are available here:
> It is a src-only tarball for now. Later we can add binary bundles to our
> release after we have better sense of what we as a project would like to
> deliver.
> This release is mainly a change of packaging from org.htrace to
> org.apache.htrace to suit our new home here in Apache Incubator but it does
> also includes 24 resolved issues (see [1] or below) including the
> beginnings of an htrace daemon whose intent is to make it so there is a low
> barrier collecting cluster traces as well as a new flume receiver.
> Beware that Apache Incubator, org.apache.htrace is not compatible with its
> former self, org.htrace: the package name has changed but so has the JSON
> serialization format.
> Shall we make this release candidate our first incubator release?
> Lets keep the vote period short (We'll have to run another vote over in
> incubator general after this one if I understand the process properly).
> Please vote +1/0/-1 by Friday, January 2nd, 2015.
> Thanks,
> St.Ack
> 1.
> Wish HTRACE-6  TraceRunnable should expose the underlying Runnable, Billie
> Rinaldi
> Task HTRACE-31 more JSON serialization fixes, Colin Patrick McCabe
> Task HTRACE-14 Bump version to 3.1.0-SNAPSHOT, stack
> Task HTRACE-23 First cut at src release packaging, stack
> Task HTRACE-8  Change our base package from org.htrace to
> org.apache.htrace, stack
> Task HTRACE-13 Fix htrace-hbase circular dependencies, stack
> Impr HTRACE-16 Remove guava dependency for htrace-core, Colin Patrick
> McCabe
> Impr HTRACE-15 Rename SamplerFactory to SamplerBuilder, Colin Patrick
> McCabe
> Impr HTRACE-28 htraced: add web UI directory, Colin Patrick McCabe
> Impr HTRACE-3  Move HTrace classes into the org.apache namespace, stack
> Impr HTRACE-1  HTrace should have a factory method for creating trace
> sinks, Colin Patrick McCabe
> Impr HTRACE-2  HTrace should have a factory method for creating trace
> samplers, Colin Patrick McCabe
> Impr HTRACE-9  Add standalone htraced server, Colin Patrick McCabe
> Impr HTRACE-18 "Add htrace-flume, which implements a SpanReceiver that
> sends spans to Flume ", Long Zhou
> Bug  HTRACE-27 Make Span serialization to JSON consistent across htraced
> and the java client, Colin Patrick McCabe
> Bug  HTRACE-12 update to describe SpanReceiver builder and
> Sampler builder, Colin Patrick McCabe
> Bug  HTRACE-19 First cut at website, stack
> Bug  HTRACE-17 pom.xml cleanups, Colin Patrick McCabe
> Bug  HTRACE-24 htraced: process id should be a string, Colin Patrick McCabe
> Bug  HTRACE-7  htrace-core should shade its dependencies to avoid leaking
> them on to client CLASSPATH, Colin Patrick McCabe
> Bug  HTRACE-11 should not use ldconfig if it doesn't exists
> (like on MacOS), Colin Patrick McCabe
> Bug  HTRACE-26 Fix wording in docs, Colin Patrick McCabe
> Bug  HTRACE-21 Fix invalid test condition in, Masatake Iwasaki
> Bug  HTRACE-22 fix golang unit tests, Colin Patrick McCabe
> Bug  HTRACE-10 Fix Apache rat issues with the HTrace build, Colin Patrick
> McCabe

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