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From Johan Lindquist <>
Subject Re: The Attic and Beyond
Date Fri, 17 Apr 2009 12:31:55 GMT
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Hi Raffael,

I am all for this idea - not very familiar with OPS4J, but their
intentions sounds good.  Definitely would allow more contributions to
trickle in.

So, count me in.



Raffael Herzog wrote:
> Hi all
> So, now it's official: HiveMind's development at Apache has stopped. Time to 
> move on and start over. ;)
> For me, one thing is clear: I will branch HiveMind, one way or the other. 
> The question for me is: Which way?
> As some of you may know, I'm developing and using HiveApp, an extension to 
> HiveMind which adds a VFS, ClassLoader management, built-in JMX support and 
> some useful services. There are many applications based on it in production 
> (and there will be many more) and its development continues, although it's 
> currently a one-man-show (everything's open though, and anyone is free to 
> join:
> So, from this point of view, the obvious thing to do is to take HiveMind's 
> source code, integrate it into HiveApp's source tree, and just continue 
> like that.
> However, now's the time to look further. ;) HiveMind, as it is now, is good, 
> but it's gotten a bit outdated, and development as officially stalled. I've 
> got many ideas what to do with HiveMind (you can find some of them in 
> HiveApp) and I'm sure, there are more people with ideas. This is the time 
> to progressively move forward, because there won't be any HiveMind 1.2 or 
> 2.0 anymore. But there may be a HiveSomethingElse 0.1.
> The question is: If you had commit rights for HiveMind's source code 
> tomorrow, would you start contributing?
> The idea is to branch HiveMind at OPS4J ( OPS4J 
> stands for "Open Participation Software for Java", a relatively young and 
> active FOSS community. "Open Participation" means basically Wiki brought to 
> coding. Anyone can start contributing: Just register yourself, and you've 
> immediately got commit access to all of OPS4J's SVN. At OPS4J, if you find 
> a bug, you don't submit a patch which fixes it and wait for a committer to 
> apply your patch. At OPS4J, you commit the fix yourself. OPS4J provides all 
> the infrastructure one needs: Version control (SVN), bug tracking (JIRA), 
> Wiki (Confluence), CI (Bamboo), mailing lists, web space ...
> Introduction to OPS4J:
> I think, this community might be just the right thing to kickstart 
> HiveMind's development. I've already talked to some people at OPS4J about 
> it, they'd happily welcome the HiveMind community.
> However, the question remains: Are there people who would actually 
> contribute?
> What do you think?
> Cheers,
>    Raffi

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