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From Raffael Herzog <>
Subject The Attic and Beyond
Date Fri, 17 Apr 2009 11:55:09 GMT
Hi all

So, now it's official: HiveMind's development at Apache has stopped. Time to 
move on and start over. ;)

For me, one thing is clear: I will branch HiveMind, one way or the other. 
The question for me is: Which way?

As some of you may know, I'm developing and using HiveApp, an extension to 
HiveMind which adds a VFS, ClassLoader management, built-in JMX support and 
some useful services. There are many applications based on it in production 
(and there will be many more) and its development continues, although it's 
currently a one-man-show (everything's open though, and anyone is free to 

So, from this point of view, the obvious thing to do is to take HiveMind's 
source code, integrate it into HiveApp's source tree, and just continue 
like that.

However, now's the time to look further. ;) HiveMind, as it is now, is good, 
but it's gotten a bit outdated, and development as officially stalled. I've 
got many ideas what to do with HiveMind (you can find some of them in 
HiveApp) and I'm sure, there are more people with ideas. This is the time 
to progressively move forward, because there won't be any HiveMind 1.2 or 
2.0 anymore. But there may be a HiveSomethingElse 0.1.

The question is: If you had commit rights for HiveMind's source code 
tomorrow, would you start contributing?

The idea is to branch HiveMind at OPS4J ( OPS4J 
stands for "Open Participation Software for Java", a relatively young and 
active FOSS community. "Open Participation" means basically Wiki brought to 
coding. Anyone can start contributing: Just register yourself, and you've 
immediately got commit access to all of OPS4J's SVN. At OPS4J, if you find 
a bug, you don't submit a patch which fixes it and wait for a committer to 
apply your patch. At OPS4J, you commit the fix yourself. OPS4J provides all 
the infrastructure one needs: Version control (SVN), bug tracking (JIRA), 
Wiki (Confluence), CI (Bamboo), mailing lists, web space ...

Introduction to OPS4J:

I think, this community might be just the right thing to kickstart 
HiveMind's development. I've already talked to some people at OPS4J about 
it, they'd happily welcome the HiveMind community.

However, the question remains: Are there people who would actually 

What do you think?


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