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From Kaspar Fischer <>
Subject Using Hivemind to wrap a transaction around a request
Date Wed, 05 Dec 2007 12:32:09 GMT
[Note: This is a cross-post; I have initially posted to the list but I guess the issue is more related to  
so I post here.]

Hi list,

I need to wrap "begin transaction" and "end transaction" actions around
a task (a Tapestry web request, actually). I've read about Hivemind,

and configured a service point (see below). This works very well: my
transaction is created, but I cannot see when it is ended (committed/
rolled back).

More precisely, I am struggling with:

* What method is called on the object created by the factory when it
   is discarded? It is threadDidDiscardService(), right?

* How can I catch exceptions from my actual task so that I can do a  
  instead of a commit?

I am new to Hivemind, so please excuse these rather simple questions.

Many thanks for you patience!

Here's my configuration:

   <invoke-factory service-id="AlfrescoTransactionFactory"  
model="threaded" />
id="AlfrescoTransactionFactory" parameters-occurs="none">
class="" />

Here is my factory:

public class AlfrescoTransactionFactory implements  
ServiceImplementationFactory, Discardable {

   public Object createCoreServiceImplementation 
(ServiceImplementationFactoryParameters factoryParameters)
     System.err.println("createCoreServiceImplementation"); // gets  
     UserTransaction transaction;
     ServiceRegistry serviceRegistry;
     try {
       transaction =  
       serviceRegistry =  
     catch (Exception e) {
       throw new ApplicationRuntimeException("Could not create an  
Alfresco transactoin.", e);
     return new AlfrescoTransactionContextImpl(transaction,  

   public void threadDidDiscardService()
     System.err.println("threadDidDiscardService"); // never called!
     // ... end the transaction here (todo)

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