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From Trasca Virgil <>
Subject Expose HiveMind services as web-services
Date Thu, 06 Dec 2007 17:58:07 GMT
Hi all,

    For a project I will have 2 components - a server written in java(this will use hivemind)
and a client written in C++ that will access the server with web services. I am totally new
to HiveMind so maybe what I will ask is trivial.

What is the simples way to expose the hivemind services as webservices? I am thinking to use
Axis for this. So what I need is :

1) Expose the hivemind services as web-services .
2) If this web-services will be declared/exposed in a Java5 annot style even better.
3) If I will make somehow not to be "stuck-ed" with web-services even better. For example
if in the future I will decide is better to go with xml-rpc, ideally it should be straightforward
to re-deploy with this new way. But this is not so important. Point 1) is the most important

Axis is the way to go or there are some better solutions? Are there samples with HiveMind
and Axis?

Thank you,

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