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From Eckenfellner Klaus <>
Subject store data in a global way (see tapestry:applicationScope)
Date Mon, 20 Aug 2007 09:32:57 GMT
hi everybody!

i want to use hivemind for my own application, because SOA rocks. but
now i have a problem. i want to store data(Map<String,Object>) in a
global way. so that there is no difference which thread call the service.

i know this functionality from tapestry because there is also possible
to store objects in an application scope.

i know that there is model="threaded / pooled" but that doesn't fix my

here some facts about my application:
-	first doing some init work (reading config, init log ....)
-	export some services to a rmi registry
-	waiting for connections,...

i decided to take the following approach to store data:
INTERFACE storeService:
	boolean exists(String name);
	Object get(String name);
	void store(String name, Object object);

	Map<String,Object> map = new HashMap<String,Object>
	....  following parts should be clear... map.get()

	in the hivemodule the storeService, which stores data in the hashmap,
is constructed with model="pooled".

BUT ....

when i get some rmi call my rmi service(which has a reference to
storeService) has no access to my stored data.

can anyone help me?

using hivemind 1.1

PS: my approach is very similar to tapestry applicationScope.

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