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From "James Carman" <>
Subject Re: Registry trouble in a cluster
Date Fri, 18 May 2007 17:39:33 GMT
Can you use server affinity for your application?  Basically, HiveMind looks
for a thread local variable to be set to deserialize your service proxies.
The variable gets set on the initial server where the session is serialized
first, but it's not set on the other server where it's deserialized.  I'm
assuming Tapestry is doing this behind the scenes for you and you have no
control over what gets serialized?

On 5/18/07, Hugo Palma <> wrote:
> I'm getting the following exception all over the logs in a clustered
> environment :
> org.apache.hivemind.ApplicationRuntimeException: The
> ServiceSerializationSupport instance has not been set; this indicates that
> the HiveMind Registry has not been created within this JVM.
> The application seems to work ok, but we are also having some session
> replication problems with the same application that might be related to this
> issue also.
> Any ideas about might be causing this would be great. I'm using
> hivemind-1.1.1.

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