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From Johan Lindquist <>
Subject Re: Configuration Points
Date Wed, 04 Apr 2007 12:06:06 GMT
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Hi Jochen,

Your App configuration file should have a different module id than the
service A id - Hivemind does not allow duplicate module id within the

Secondly, when referencing the configuration point from outside of the
module which defines it (in this case inside your App configuration
file) you need to specify the complete service id of it [the
configuration point] - i.e. module id + . + configuration point id

So in this case, the conf. id would be:

<!-- Notice the "app" in the below module id -->
<module id="" version="1.0.0">

<!-- Config ID contains the complete service id (module + config id) -->
<contribution configuration-id="">
   <Indexer key="relativePath"       value="Test1"/>

Hope that helps,


Jochen Zimmermann wrote:
> Hi!
> At first thank you for the fast answers until now :-)
> Another (newbie) problem:
> I want to use the annotated notation for the java part and xml for the configurations/contributions.
> Setup:
> I have a service A and an application App.
> App uses A.
> In the xml-file configure.xml in service A is a configuration point defined.
> Now I want to create a configure.xml in App that contains the contribution for the configuration
> Hivemind finds the configure.xml in App but tells me, that I try to contribute to a non
existing configuration point.
> If I put the contribution in the same file as the configuration point everything works
> I already tried to change the module names to different setups (inserting the apps modulename
in the apps xml-file) ...
> Thanks for your time!
> Regards,
> Jochen Zimmermann
> Here are my files (not including all the attributes):
> Service:
> <module id="" version="1.0.0">
>   <configuration-point id="IndexingService">
>     <schema>
>       <element name="Indexer">
>         <attribute name="relativePath" required="true"/>
>     	<rules>
>           <create-object class=""/>
>           <read-attribute property="relativePath" attribute="realtivePath"/>
> 		      <invoke-parent method="addElement"/>
> 	    	</rules>
> 		  </element>
> 		</schema>
> 	  </configuration-point>
> </module>
> App:
> <module id="" version="1.0.0">
>   <contribution configuration-id="IndexingService">
>     <Indexer key="relativePath"       value="Test1"/>
>   </contribution>
> </module>

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