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From "Jochen Zimmermann" <>
Subject Pipelines, Threaded services - is there any more documentation?
Date Fri, 06 Apr 2007 21:58:08 GMT

Right now I get used to Hivemind and I am starting to like it very much :-)

BUT .... I really think there is a massive lack of documentation.
I know (as I work for a software company myself) that writing documentation is not really
the favorite thing to do and I'm very happy that my company has a own department doing this
job, but on the other hand: the coolest software is of no use if no one can use it :-)
And even if I found out a lot by myself right now it is frustrating to trial and error for
3 hours (or more) just to find out how easy it is done if you know how to do it (in a sense
it is even more frustrating than it would be if it would be hard to do ;-)

The API help does not help me that much, because they don't really describe how to do things
in the context of the framework.

If there is more documentation and I'm just to stupid to find it, please point me to it!!

Again, I like Hivemind very much already, I even would volunteer to write some documentation.

What about the cookbook? I read in the newsgroup about it, but I could not find it.
I don't know much about Hivemind right now, but as I hope to find out more about it in the
near future I could write about the  things I learn (and perhaps it is not to bad to describe
it from a beginners point of view), and if there would be a start, perhaps others would join

But after that outburst of frustration (after trial and error the whole afternoon) some questions:

At the moment I have three services, and I need them executed in a row.

A -> give results to -> B -> give results to -> C

Each of them is used (or at least could be used) alone from another point of the application,
so I want to keep them separated.

I found something about pipelines in the net, but I could not find more documentation on how
to use them, I even did not found out if they are really intended to do what I need here.

I tried to build my own "pipeline" using threaded services bundled together in a "parent"
I got it working, but: after processing about 2500 objects that way I get a java out of memory
After searching the internet a little more I found out that I should clean up. 
Can someone post me a little example of a threaded service including the "clean up" part?

Thanks a lot for your time again!


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