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From Achim Hügen <>
Subject Re: how much getService coast?
Date Thu, 16 Nov 2006 20:41:48 GMT

> how much getService(..) coast and does hivemind cashes these calls
> i mean should i cashe by myself service getter:
> private ISomeInterface someservice;
> public ISomeInterface getSomeservice(){
>     if (someservice==null)
> someservice=registry.getService(ISomeInterface.class);
>     return someservice;
> }
> or its redundant and hivemind do these work for me?

A getService is pretty cheap, it's just a lookup in a map.

> and the other question:
> these is web application so on each request i have to perform
> registry.setupThread();
> and object with service getter stored in session.. so "cashed" service
> instance would be old one
> So im askng is it bad for threaded environment (and i should somehow  
> clean
> my "cash" to perform getService on each request) or its ok and all be  
> fine

I don't expect any problems with the cached service instances.
Your objects are referencing proxies only which handle thread related
issues in the case of a pooled or threaded service model.


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