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From Aleksej <>
Subject Hivetranse Lock: User is in specified role but access is still denied
Date Fri, 25 Aug 2006 08:44:03 GMT
Hi, list!
I got Service which have moveNodeUp method.
When I running code which calls to that method I got
Unregistered user cannot access method 
myPackage.StructureLogic.moveNodeUp exception,
but I am sure that user IS in structure-admin role ( I tested it ).
Here is my service definition:
<service-point id="Logic" interface="StructureLogic">
        <invoke-factory model="threaded">
            <construct class="impl.StructureLogicImpl">
        <interceptor service-id="hivelock.core.AuthorizationInterceptor">
            <method pattern="moveNodeUp" roles="structure-admin" />
            <method pattern="*" roles="*" />
Maybe I forgot something?

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