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From Aleksej <>
Subject Hivetranse: Is it possible to use Hivetranse with JDBC connections and hibernate at one time?
Date Thu, 20 Jul 2006 08:47:39 GMT
Using Hivetranse for Hibernate everything workds fine, but when
I dropped in hivetranse.jdbc.jar into classpath I got following exception:
Error at 

line 13, column 34: Module hivetranse.jdbc has contributed a instance 
builder to service point hivetranse.core.TransactionService, which 
conflicts with an existing contribution by module hivetranse.hibernate3. 
The duplicate contribution has been ignored.

Currently I have this Hivetranse jars in my classpath:
hivetranse.core.jar, hivetranse.exceptions.jar, 
hivetranse.hibernate3.jar,hiveutils.jar, hivetranse.jdbc.jar.

 IN general, I want to prevent Hibernate3 Sessions and normal JDBC 
Connections to use the the same
one DataSource, accessed by JNDI name. For both I want to apply a 
Transaction Demarcation interceptor.
Is it possible at all?

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