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From Aleksej <>
Subject Hivetranse: BUG or incorrect usage of DeferSessionClose?
Date Tue, 18 Jul 2006 09:31:05 GMT
In my application I need to allow Lazy initialization.
I am using hibernate3 and Hivetranse.
Property 'hivetranse.hibernate3.DeferSessionClose' is set to 'true'.
When I first time viewing page where lazy access to object property is used
everything works fine. ( With DeferSessionClose turned to false I got 
LazyInitializationException ).
But if I refresh this page then I got LazyInitializationException too. 
Later I found  that if I will
prevent Tapestry to create another one instance of the page in the pool 
( making lots of request at one time )
 then that new page will be viewed OK. It looks like a BUG but I am not 

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