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From Aleksej <>
Subject Can't run Tapestry after adding my own SymbolSource
Date Thu, 13 Jul 2006 13:26:35 GMT
I got such exception:
Unable to instantiate component framework:Exception: Can't find resource 
for bundle java.util.PropertyResourceBundle, key 
Interesting that when I first made everything it drop me such or like 
this exception but
when I changed before="*" on after="*" in SymbolSource contribution 
everything start working OK
( and I was very happy at this moment ). But later, after some 
modifications in other part of applications
I got that exception again but now playing with before or after doesn't 
help. Anyway I want to  understand
how does it work, not just make it working. The only difference between 
first  and last code editions
is that when it worked i used symbol from in 
one service, and later decided to
insert it into another service too, and thats it. Here are some parts of 
my code:

Thats how my contribution looks like:
<contribution configuration-id="hivemind.SymbolSources">
   <source name="ivs.cross.configuration" after="*" 
class="ivs.cross.ConfigurationSymbolSource" />
and here is implementation of symbol source ( everything is as in Shing 
tutorial ):
public class ConfigurationSymbolSource implements SymbolSource
    private ResourceBundle messages;
    public ConfigurationSymbolSource() throws Exception
        Locale currentLocale= Locale.getDefault();
        messages= ResourceBundle.getBundle( "configuration", 
currentLocale );
    public String valueForSymbol( String name )
        return messages.getString( name );

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