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From Aleksej <>
Subject Transaction demarcation for JDBC connection and Hibernate.
Date Wed, 05 Jul 2006 12:58:01 GMT
Hi, list!
We currently have a project where both JDBC and Hibernate based services 
Some of those services are auto wired and uses code from each other in 
one transaction.
I am searching for transaction demarcation solution which cut be used in 
such environment.
Currently I know only one available solution for Hivemind ( I don't want 
to use Spring ).
It is Hivetranse, but I am not sure will it fit into our requirements. 
As I remember,
James Carman have something similar. That maybe sounds naive, but I want 
to put some jars into project, add interceptor to service implementation 
definition and to have
it working :) . Another one thing that scaring me is that Hibernate has 
it own way to work
with transactions, so I wonder how it will react on such interceptor. 
Maybe it is not possible at all?

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