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From "Eduardo Sherington" <>
Subject Injecting java.util.Properties constructor argument type
Date Thu, 20 Apr 2006 09:02:48 GMT

I've just started using Hivemind inside of Tapestry 4.x and I have some nice 
services defined. I am happy with simple configuration of those services 
using constructor parameter injection and I am happy with services being 
injected with references to other services.

However, I'm really struggling with something that on the face of it is I'm 
sure blindingly obvious to Hivemind veterans but for a newcomer to the 
project it really isn't obvious at all...

My problem is that I have a legacy class that I have no control over, but I 
want to use this class as a service. That class has a single constructor 
parameter of type java.util.Properties and this is the ONLY way to set the 
configuration for that class.

What I thought should be easy to do is to define in my hivemind xml 
configuration file some key/attribute values that would get translated to a 
Properties object and automatically injected for me.

I just have no idea how to do this.

I've been googling for hours, trying to parse the hivemind examples and test 
cases and to be honest I'm a bit lost!

I know that I could probably wrap that legacy object in one of my own, 
configure my own class and pass the configuration on but I didn't want to 
admit defeat just yet, and I don't really want to duplicate the entire API 
of that legacy object on my own class.

I'd appreciate any pointers or examples anyone could give.


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