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From Aleksej <>
Subject Problem with configurations ( "Unable to update property yyy of object Xxx" );
Date Fri, 24 Mar 2006 14:58:10 GMT
Got exception at hivemind startup, caused by configuration system.
I got service which has public property with List argument.
Configuration bean SpecialPage is simple bean with empty constructor.
All hivemind configurations are in the same module.
DynamicPageEncoder interface is empty interface extending ServiceEncoder 
( setSpecialPages( List ) method declaration in interface didn't help too ).
Hivemind descriptor is quite simple:

<configuration-point id="specialPageConf">
            <element name="page">
                <attribute name="pageName" required="true"/>
                <attribute name="tapestryPage" required="true"/>
                <conversion class="ivs.cross.service.conf.SpecialPage"/>
    <contribution configuration-id="specialPageConf">
        <page pageName="NewsList" tapestryPage="news/NewsList" />
    <service-point id="dynamicPageEncoder" interface="DynamicPageEncoder">
        <invoke-factory model="threaded" >
            <construct class="impl.DynamicPageEncoderImpl">
                <set-configuration property="specialPages" 
configuration-id="specialPageConf" />
                <set-service property="dataSqueezer" 
service-id="" />
                <set-service property="servletRequest" 
service-id="tapestry.globals.HttpServletRequest" />
                <set property="extension" value="html" />
Got exception:

Unable to construct service ivs.cross.service.dynamicPageEncoder:
Error building service ivs.cross.service.dynamicPageEncoder:
Error at context:/WEB-INF/crossmodule.xml, line 25, column 85:
Unable to update property specialPages of object ivs.cross.service.impl.DynamicPageEncoderImpl@db248c:

Can anyone explain whats wrong? I was looking in docs and tutorial and 
have no clues.

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