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From Andreas Bulling <>
Subject Re: Hivetranse/Hibernate/Tapestry troubles
Date Wed, 01 Mar 2006 16:23:29 GMT
On 01. Mär 2006 - 08:53:51, James Carman wrote:
| Tapestry doesn't require HiveMindFilter.  It has its own way of dealing with
| the registry.  The ehcache.xml and files should be in
| /WEB-INF/classes.  It's okay to have your hivemodule.xml file in /WEB-INF
| also, since that's where Tapestry looks for it by default.  Any
| hivemodule.xml files residing inside jar files in your /WEB-INF/lib
| directory will be picked up automatically.  Also,
| /WEB-INF/classes/WEB-INF/hivemodule.xml will be picked up if you provide one
| (most just use the one directly in WEB-INF).

OK, I changed this according to your explanations and it seems to work
now (at least I can see some Hibernate outputs in catalina.out).
BTW: Do you know if it's normal that instead of the actual values for
the database fields the queries only show ? instead?

| Did you try my example of using HiveUtils (hivetranse), called Tapernate?

Yes, I even think I must have been the first one having downloaded your example
after the big problems I had before ;)

But to be honest I didn't use it because I have no clue
- what this EntityPropertyPersistenceStrategy is good for/if I need it
- the same with EntitySqueezer
- why there is a/if I need the OpenSessionInViewFilter

In the meanwhile I got _something_ to work (that means I can
make database queries without any java exceptions so far).
But I don't know if all these demarcations, interceptors actually
work :|


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