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From "James Carman" <>
Subject RE: Hivetranse/Hibernate/Tapestry troubles
Date Thu, 02 Mar 2006 00:14:28 GMT
1.  The reason to use the EntityPropertyPersistenceStrategy is so that you
avoid trying to access "detached" objects.  The objects themselves are not
stored in the session (if they're actually persistent), their identities are
(classname and id value).  Then, when your request comes in, the identities
are resolved back into the real object in the current session.

2.  The same sort of thing is true for the "squeezer."  The squeezer doesn't
write the entire object out to the client, it only writes its identity.  The
main reason for this (besides detached objects) is that you want to avoid
writing the entire object graph out to the client.  Imagine a highly
connected domain model where each object is connected to other objects and
so on and so on (and they tell two friends, and so on, and so on).  Anyway,
when you go to serialize that, all of the references to other objects will
be serialized to and you could end up with the entire database (worst case
of course) being serialized out to the client.  YUCK!

3.  As far as the OpenSessionInViewFilter, it really shouldn't be needed
with HiveUtils.  The session is supposed to be opened "as needed", but in my
experience, it wasn't. 

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From: Andreas Bulling [] On Behalf Of
Andreas Bulling
Sent: Wednesday, March 01, 2006 11:23 AM
Subject: Re: Hivetranse/Hibernate/Tapestry troubles

On 01. Mär 2006 - 08:53:51, James Carman wrote:
| Tapestry doesn't require HiveMindFilter.  It has its own way of dealing
| the registry.  The ehcache.xml and files should be in
| /WEB-INF/classes.  It's okay to have your hivemodule.xml file in /WEB-INF
| also, since that's where Tapestry looks for it by default.  Any
| hivemodule.xml files residing inside jar files in your /WEB-INF/lib
| directory will be picked up automatically.  Also,
| /WEB-INF/classes/WEB-INF/hivemodule.xml will be picked up if you provide
| (most just use the one directly in WEB-INF).

OK, I changed this according to your explanations and it seems to work
now (at least I can see some Hibernate outputs in catalina.out).
BTW: Do you know if it's normal that instead of the actual values for
the database fields the queries only show ? instead?

| Did you try my example of using HiveUtils (hivetranse), called Tapernate?

Yes, I even think I must have been the first one having downloaded your
after the big problems I had before ;)

But to be honest I didn't use it because I have no clue
- what this EntityPropertyPersistenceStrategy is good for/if I need it
- the same with EntitySqueezer
- why there is a/if I need the OpenSessionInViewFilter

In the meanwhile I got _something_ to work (that means I can
make database queries without any java exceptions so far).
But I don't know if all these demarcations, interceptors actually
work :|


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