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From Hugo Palma <>
Subject Re: AW: providin a dtd to hivemind xml files
Date Mon, 27 Feb 2006 11:38:00 GMT
It would be great it you could start such a project.
Still, i don't think a standalone swing editor would be the best option 
for everyone. In my opinion the editor should be developed with IDE 
integration in mind as 99% of hivemind users surely use some IDE for 
editing. With this in mind, i think the project should take the approach 
of having a "core" implementation that would be IDE agnostic, it would 
provide all IDE editors implementations the common functionalities for 
the editors, mainly validation stuff. Then anyone with knowledge of some 
IDE api could use the core component and implement the editor for that IDE.

Sounds good ?

Domsch, Christian wrote:
> Hi all,
> Since I am a passionate and experienced (in coprporate and open source)
> Swing developer, I think I could come up with a good editor. I once did
> a quite similar think for editing xml files:
> - The setup was a macro editor for editing macro files. These files were
> simple xml files. A macro consisted of macr steps, and these steps were
> configured via hivemind.
> - The editor itself was a simple DOM Editor that displayed the content
> of the xml file in a Jtree. The editing of the file was made by clicking
> on the tree and the some dialogs were opened to type in the macro step
> specific content.
> This solution would certainly be no XML Editor on the lines of a text
> editor with syntax highlighting or a content assist. But to be frank I
> dont have any experience with writing such an editor. Bu the Jtree
> approach could be equivally good, because the user would have no chance
> to type sth wrong. So this "editor" would be 100% user friendly in the
> sense of taking the technical knowledge of how the hivemodule.xml should
> be written from the user. This is like the graphical form editor in
> eclipse (the wsdl editor comes to my mind).
> I would volunteer to start such an editor, if the hivemind community
> would think that this could be a good idea. The other question would be,
> where to host this project. I would propose with the new svn
> option :-)
> Any comments?
> Greeting,
> Christian.
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