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From Andreas Bulling <>
Subject Re: Hivetranse/Hibernate/Tapestry troubles
Date Sun, 26 Feb 2006 11:22:36 GMT
Hi Jean-Francois,

thanks _a lot_ for your long answer and your very useful explanations!
Now, I'm in the know a little bit more and after playing around with
the configuration at least the problems reported first are gone ;)

| 3. By default hivemodule.xml files are expected in META-INF by HiveMind,
| there is normally no need to change them.

Just to make sure: META-INF also resides in /context/?
It seems as if my whole classpath is broken as also "ehcache.xml" and
"" are not found inside META-INF. Do you know how
to change the classpath/where those two files should be copied to/how
to enable log4j (I already enabled show_sql in hivemodule.xml)?

| - did you check that after the build, the jar for your module includes your
| config file (that is a common mistake...)?

Well, actually I don't create a jar file at all... I just configured
my tomcat context to use the docBase directly from my eclipse workspace.
Perhaps this has something to do with the classpath problem?

| Other question: for building registry, do you use HiveMindFilter? Or do you
| use your own sevlet filter?

I _think_ I use HiveMindFilter ;) How can I check that?


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