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From "John Coleman" <>
Subject Re: List and Maps
Date Tue, 31 Jan 2006 09:16:59 GMT

>I have a member in my class which is a list or a map let's say. I was
looking for a way to setup it up directly through the
>hivemind registry but can't find that. I would then like to do and add or a
put  by providing a service id.

>Is it possible right now? Has it been contemplated?

Yes, there is an example like this in the HM docs, although you use an XML
contribution to provide the collection data directly in the module.
Otherwise you could implement a service.

>Another point is the fact of being able to construct and pass around
Properties objects. Those are native to java and
> used through code not pertaining to Hivemind and it would be more
practical than passing the file location which
> is the current implementation.

You couldbBuild a service around your properties file. I am going to be
using HSQLDB for a light weight yet more flexible way to do properties, and
provide a more generic main DB service where I can serve out more
sophisticated settings. I just have a get/set property method and use the
neat HSQLDBs TEXT table extension to keep the data in a CSV. Properties
files used directly in Java can use escape codes though, and you may want to
take that into consideration if you use HSQLDB.


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