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From Spencer Crissman <>
Subject Adding Contributions from external file?
Date Tue, 08 Nov 2005 16:50:54 GMT
Is it possible to load a contribution from an external file?

I have some configuration information which I would like to allow the user
to edit. It would be nice if I could tell the user to modify an xml config
file, but at the same time not have them working in the hivemodule.xml file.

Basically, I was hoping for being able to specify in hivemodule.xml:
<contribution configuration-id="whatever" file="/path/to/foo.xml"/>

And then the user can provide just the "foo.xml" at the correct location and
it will get picked up as the contribution.

Anyway, obviously that doesn't work as listed, but is there an alternative
method to do something similar? I see nothing vaguely like it in the
documentation, but it doesn't seem completely unreasonable to me.

Thanks in advance,


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