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From Andrei Chiritescu <>
Subject injecting sevices
Date Wed, 05 Oct 2005 08:38:04 GMT
Do you know whether hivemind contains a method to get an instance from a 
specific class (given the classname), which then does all the 
autowiring? I would just like to get a class instance based on 
classname, so that an entry in hivemodule is not necessary.

I there a method to get an instance of a specific class (given the fully 
qualified classname) that is managed by Hivemind(has the services 
injected) without having to add an entry in the hivemodule descriptor?
Basically what I have is a "Controller" service (declared in the xml 
module) and a lot of Device classes which require the Controller. What I 
want is to get a instance of Device class that has the Controller class 
wired (injected by hivemind) without adding the Device service in the 
xml descriptor.

Is this possible?

Andrei Chiritescu

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