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From Norbert Sándor <>
Subject configuration q.
Date Mon, 24 Oct 2005 03:50:10 GMT

Probably I'm too tired but I don't see the cause... :(
I have this configuration point:

<configuration-point id="ObjectVisualizers">
<element name="visualizer" key-attribute="type">
<attribute name="type" required="true" translator="class"/>
<attribute name="implementation" required="true" translator="object" />
<push-attribute attribute="implementation"/>
<invoke-parent method="addElement"/>

When I try to inject it in Tapestry using

public abstract Map getObjectVisualizers();

I get the following error:

An error occured processing annotation @org.apache.tapestry.annotations.InjectObject(value=configuration:mymodule.ObjectVisualizers)
of public abstract java.util.Map mypackage.Component.getObjectVisualizers(): The value obtained
using locator 'configuration:mymodule.ObjectVisualizers' ([...]) is not compatible with the
existing property (of type java.util.Map).

Which means that the configuration cannot be injected as a Map because it is a List.
Why is it a List when I specified key-attribute="type"?

Thanks in advance!
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