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From "John Coleman" <>
Subject Re: Configuration via JNI or Database
Date Wed, 19 Oct 2005 11:40:31 GMT
How would dynamic values help you? If the config files are only read once at app start, then
any subsequent change would still be unavailable until after an application restart.

In your example you clearly need to use URLs and resolve those each time, and not IP addresses.
A similar method would be used to resolve any other requirements like this, i.e. you provide
a service (RMI/web service?) that always returns the latest value, and is on a server whos
address is resolved using DNS.

I know it is often a done thing to put IP addresses in config files, but it is very bad practice,
unless you are 100% sure they are not going to change during the applications lifetime.

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  From: Michael Mattox 
  Sent: Wednesday, October 19, 2005 9:55 AM
  Subject: Configuration via JNI or Database


  Is it possible to have certain configuration parameters come from JNI or a database?  I
haven't seen this in the documentation so I don't think it's possible but I'd like to confirm,
and to find out if this has been requested.  I'm curious how people are dealing with this.
 Imagine deploying a webapp to 100 servers, and then we need to change an IP address.  Does
HiveMind offer anything here?  If not I'd be happy to create a feature request.


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